Where to Start

Welcome to the Stock Market!

The Investment Club community is a communication platform for stock traders. We are here to share our experience, knowledge, interest, potential opportunities, as well as lessons learned from personal mistakes. Most importantly, we are here to help each other become more successful investors.

Where to Start?

Investors should begin their journey in the stock market with a focused education entailing key facets of the market, risk analysis, and tools to analyse the market. In this section we will talk about how to open a simulated brokerage account in order to begin trading in a safe, risk free environment. While engaging in simulated trading, we advise focusing on the three primary sections of analysis, trade as if your money is at stake, learn from mistakes, and enjoy the experience.

Simulated Trading

One of the best stock simulators out there is Investopedia’s Stock simulator which you can fine here https://www.investopedia.com/simulator/

To start, create an account with Investopedia and enter their simulated trading platform. You’ll begin with a decent sum of simulated dollars where you can begin trading during market hours, with the ability to place a variety of orders with up to date stock prices.

Stock analysis can separated into three sections:

  • Economic Analysis – Focusing on determining the current business cycle, political impacts and the broad market scope.
  • Fundamental Analysis – Focusing on long term projected growth, financial statements and industry strength.
  • Technical Analysis – Focusing on chart trends, movements and trading momentum.